About the DC Fashion Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the DC Fashion Foundation is to support the fashion community in the Washington, DC area through educational programs, workforce training initiatives, and networking/mentoring opportunities for aspiring fashion professionals and entrepreneurs. As an organization, the DC Fashion Foundation strives to:

    • Increase business skills and workforce preparedness of entrepreneurs
    • Improve the quality and availability of fashion design opportunities in the Washington, DC area
    • Strengthen the connections and networks that form the foundation of the district’s fashion community

Our History

The DC Fashion Foundation originated from the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, also known as the GWFCC. The GWFCC was the brainchild of Christine Brooks-Cropper, who spawned the idea of a Washington, DC-based trade association for the fashion industry after six years as a marketing and public relations consultant. The activities of the GWFCC centered around promoting the business interests of those in the fashion/style industry and developing Washington, DC into a global fashion capital. GWFCC was the first and only organization of its kind, and influenced industry legislation to bring fashion-related business to the area, established youth and adult arts education programs that served over 300 students, and in 2010, formed the first congressional apparel manufacturing and fashion business caucus on capitol hill. In 2009, Brooks-Cropper created the DC Fashion Foundation, an organization whose mission is to support new and established designers and to assist design students transitioning to a full-time career in the creative fields. In addition to designer support, the DC Fashion Foundation continues the initiatives begun by the GWFCC, including youth arts education, fashion industry advocacy, and scholarship.

DCFF Press Kit

DCFF Audit Report


DCFF Business Plan — 2016


DCFI Case for Support — Donors Deck — 2016


Our vision is to keep and create jobs by widening opportunities for creative professionals to develop and exercise their talents in the District. This is an important developmental step to opening up the opportunity to a larger number of professionals with a desire to work in the fashion field.

Board of Directors

  • Kesha Hamlin  |  Chair
  • Chonita Dixon  |  Treasurer
  • Lilyan Satz  |  Secretary


  • Christine Brooks-Cropper  |  President / CEO / Founder
  • Shaka King  |  Executive Director of Operations / Technical Designer
  • Henry Tucker  |  CFO
  • George Brown  |  General Counsel
  • Stephanie Spears  |  Camp Runway Project Manager
  • Ron Dixon  |  Idea Plex DC

Financial Support Information

For a full audit report or for questions about the currently published financial statements, please contact us.

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