Designer | Amanda Casarez-Ramirez

California native Amanda Casarez- Ramirez has been designing her own creations since her mother introduced her to sewing and patternmaking as a young girl. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology and working in the pharmacy industry for seven years, Amanda felt compelled to pursue her passion and left the pharmaceutical world to study fashion design at the University of Hawaii.

While in Hawaii, Amanda became passionate about specialty markets and an advocate for local production. She interned at Allison Izu LLC, a womenswear brand for petite women, and as a patternmaker for Love and Aloha, a Hawaii-based brand manufactured for the Japanese market. As she gained industry experience, she learned the importance of specialty markets and saw the positive economic impact of local production, experiences that still influence her work today.

Now based in DC, Amanda has shifted her design focus to contemporary womenswear. Her design philosophy is based on the duality of hard lines and delicate details. She designs for confident, sexy, modern woman, using textured fabrics, bold prints, custom printed fabrics, and multicultural accents inspire to form the collection from season to season. Amanda Casarez-Ramirez’s clothing explores the unique and the luxurious, as well as the whimsical- She draws inspiration from any number of influences, from her own cultural background to a song verse. In fact, music inspired her A/W 2016 collection.

Amanda’s work has received coverage in a number of publications, including Hawaii Red Style Magazine, Jade Rabut Fashion Blog, Newsweek, and Star of Honolulu.

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