Designer | Fawn Jordan (The Wearable Art Gallery)

The Wearable Art Gallery (WAG) collections consists of clothing that is best categorized as “Art to Wear”. Trademarks of the WAG brand include textural fabrics, reversible garments, unstructured pieces, and organic shapes, primarily in medium to light weight crepe fabrics. Currently, WAG produces custom clothing and one-of-a-kind garments. Jordan is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design and Apparel. “This collection has a detailed theme of ties, giving the garment a different look depending upon how one chooses to draw the ties,” Jordan explains. “The ability of my customer to wear my artistic garments in multiple ways and for different purposes adds to the design aesthetic and artistic interest of the garment and label.”

IG: @wagthewearableartgallery

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