Designer | Jorge Luis Salinas

His father sold fabrics, his mother made ​​clothes. Jorge Luis Salinas is the son of the country’s largest industrial confection Emporium, Gamarra. He studied fashion design and graduated in 1994 at Philadelphia University. In 1998 he won first prize in Cologne, Germany with his Avant Garde collection made out of patchwork. Four years later, he was recognized at the Gen Art award in New York for his handmade fabric collection wich also accomplished to be the best collection in Spanish Vogue at the Miami Fashion Week. He imagines textures, colors and shapes since he began in the Victorian empire in 1996, at age 25. His designs are unique when it comes to demonstrate the versatility of the most used fabric in the world , denim , Salinas is a trendsetter , which was the impetus he needed for his brand Emporium, characterized by an avant-garde fashion design and very wearable for Peruvian women, making it one of the best brands sold in Ripley’s department stores.
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