Designer | Shafaq Saeed

After a successful career within the consulting industry, Shafaq decided to give up the corporate world to pursue her passion for designing.

Owning a fashion business was Shafaq’s dream ever since she was 8 years old, when she pretended to own a clothing line. Her mother was an excellent seamstress and very early-on taught Shafaq the basics of a well-tailored garment. Even though Shafaq went on to study Information Systems, she continued designing special occasion clothes for family and friends. Over the years Shafaq continued to nurture her dream, observing the intricacies of fashion, as well as gathering technical knowledge about the apparel industry. Unable to disconnect herself from her dream of owning a clothing line, Shafaq decided to give up a successful corporate career and made the transition into the world of fashion.

While growing up, Shafaq was always attracted to the intricate details of a beautifully hand- embellished or hand-embroidered garment. As her design vision became clear, she realized that she wanted to create a line that would be influenced by both her Eastern as well as Western experiences. She wanted to introduce the unique embroidery techniques and skills of artisans from her birth-country, Pakistan, to the rest of the world. It was important for her to work with color and luxurious fabrics. At the same time she planned to keep the silhouettes clean and simple to match her vision of a chic and modern women’s clothing line. She successfully exhibited at major tradeshows at AmericasMart in Atlanta and WWD Magic Market in Las Vegas where she received accolades for her collections through selection of multiple pieces from her line for the prestigious runway shows in both Atlanta and Las Vegas.



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