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The DC Fashion Incubator @Macy’s Metro Center

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Designers of DCFI – Meet & Greet

November 4th, 2015  |  2pm – 5pm @


513 13th Street, NW  |  Washington, DC 20004  |  *Corner of 13th & E streets, NW

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The Goal of the DC Fashion Incubator is to support the local emerging fashion industry by identifying and provide training, mentoring, work space, apparel manufacturing/production contacts, business planning/financial planning seminars, branding, legal assistance and infrastructure support, to help emerging fashion entrepreneurs develop a well rounded skill set, which is necessary to execute their vision, achieve their goals, and realize their fashion ideas.



A fashion incubator is a “think tank for designers”—a space designed to accelerate the growth and success of a fashion designer, through an array of business support, resources, and services which typically include physical space w/amenities, capital, coaching, and network connections.



Our one-year program provides shared showroom/conference room, work space, curriculums in fashion and business, and retail opportunities to pitch the designer’s collections to buyers and investors. In addition, it provides publicity opportunities, small business technical assistance, high growth with tech-driven mentorships, commercialization assistance, seminars/workshops in fashion design & commerce, financial planning, business registration, branding, networking opportunities for start-ups, and business assistance for the designers to connect and submit applications to Factors, seed capital, structured loans and more.




The DC Fashion Foundation (DCFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to support the Washington, DC area fashion business community. The DC Fashion Foundation does this through educational programs, workforce training initiatives, networking and mentoring opportunities for aspiring fashion professionals and entrepreneurs. The foundation’s incubator programs are listed below:

Incubator Locations: Sherwood Recreation Center, Macy’s Metro Center, Studio 202 and on-line


Camp Runway

Camp Runway is a youth academy incubator to develop and implement a curriculum that will educate and prepare high school students for careers in the fashion and creative arts industries. Through early development, these students will be apt to become creative entrepreneurs who can then move to the next level to include business development, business training, technical assistance, mentoring, job preparation and other business skills. The Youth Academy Incubator seeks to be the feeder to the Fashion/Retail Incubator, the Entrepreneur Incubator, or the Workforce Development Incubator. Any of these avenues will help transform these students into creative employees or creative entrepreneurs who can earn and sustain a viable living. (Jobs: over 1000 to date-DOES)- Fashion Education & Training and Mentoring


DC Fashion Incubator (DCFI) @ Macy’s Metro Center

DCFI @ Macy’s Metro Center is a fashion/retail incubator to support the local emerging fashion industry by identifying and providing training, mentoring, work space and support to help emerging fashion entrepreneurs to develop the rounded skill set that is necessary to execute their vision, goals, and business ideas in a retail environment. (Jobs: 6-10 DIR and 1900 retailers and jobs created for fashion retailers and partners of the project to include Fashion School alumni and international partners)- Fashion Education & Training and Small Business Assistance

#MadeInTheDistrict DCFI Public Program is an entrepreneur incubator to support the local emerging fashion industry by identifying and providing business training, technical assistance, mentoring, job preparation and support to help creative entrepreneurs to develop or further enhance their business skill set. The Entrepreneur Incubator seeks to foster lucrative business opportunities to help creative entrepreneurs to build and sustain strong brands that will empower each one to earn a viable living and to create job opportunities for others within the community and give them opportunity to show or present Collections or product and gain exposure and entry in the DCFI@Macy’s program. (Jobs: over 400 for Fashionably Business and 1900 retailers for Shop Creative DC)- Fashion Education & Training and Small Business Assistance


IdeaPlex DC/ Made in DC-Production/Work Force Development

Idea Plex DC/Made in DC is a workforce development fashion incubator to create jobs for handbag, shoes, apparel, jewelry, accessories and leather goods manufacturing in Washington, D.C. and the Americas that will begin the process of rebuilding an industry that will bring manufacturing innovation and jobs to the area. This is the cultural facilities for production of the creative economy  (Jobs: thousands each year- goal 10,000 in ten years like Toronto Fashion Incubator accomplished) with Studio 202/Idea Plex DC, Innovate 8 and others in the Creative Economy- Fashion Production/Manufacturing



  • Christine Brooks-Cropper, President/CEO/Founder
  • Shaka King, Executive Director of Operations/ Technical Designer
  • Alida Sanchez, Executive Director of Retail and International Development
  • Jennifer Fisher, Director of External Affairs
  • Stephanie Spears, Camp Runway Project Manager
  • Ron Dixon, Idea Plex DC
  • Isaac Sessoms, CFO
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