Khrys Kelly McQuay: Embode Healing Arts

“When the Spirit of beauty takes a physical form.” Embode Healing Arts is a fountain of beauty that promotes healing. The company creates accessories and beauty products. Khrys, known to many as The Global Goddess, designs and creates through three arms of Embode Healing Arts:

First, the Global Goddess Collection features timeless jewelry designs using high energy gemstones, and streamlined clothing emphasizing versatility and comfort.

Second, the Boho Luxe Collection features one-of-a-kind and limited-edition jewelry and textiles.

Third, Khephra Body Blends features body butters and body oils, both infused with crystals and Reiki energy.

Each product line is a unique blend of beauty, wellness, and luxury.

More on Embode Healing Arts: Website | Instagram-Boho Luxe Collection | Instagram-The Global Goddess

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