Independent media outlets continue publishing positive coverage of the New/NEXT Fashion Showcase! 

On the evening of April 28, 2017, the DC Fashion Foundation (DCFF) and DC Fashion Incubator (DCFI) welcomed 350 guests to our New/NEXT Fashion Showcase. Hosted at the hip and colorful Blind Whino Southwest Arts Club, this night of fashion and philanthropy featured a runway show with six designer collections, pop-up boutique shops, and premium giveaways from generous sponsors. The Showcase raised over $10,000 to support local emerging leaders in the fashion industries. (You can read the rundown of the evening’s full festivities in our blog post “New/NEXT Fashion Showcase Recap.”)

Council Magazine — a media outlet specializing in coverage of upscale fashion in the District — starts its New/NEXT review by reflecting on the crowd, which made an impression for both its size and its stellar outfits.  “D.C.’s fashionistas came out in full force for the New/NEXT Fashion Showcase,” the magazine writes. The coverage includes striking photos of every aspect of the night. Opening with a special glimpse of backstage preparations, the article then offers up colorful snapshots of both the attendees and the runway. 



One of Council Magazine’s many photos of the New/NEXT Fashion Showcase. The entire article is a terrific visual representation of the night’s festivities. 



D.C. fashion expert Isabel Alexander applauds DCFF and DCFI for recognizing and promoting talented designers in a city that is still “in its incipient phase when it comes to fashion opportunities, fashion education, and a concentration of designers.” She dedicates special coverage to the Amanda Casarez collection featured during the show. “Varying textures…are skillfully inserted into the collection, which adds an overall vibrant touch,” she writes. “Recurring elements such as the beige textured belt [tie] everything together, and the result is a strong and cohesive collection.” All in all, she hails the New/NEXT Fashion Showcase as “a promising start worth observing” for the District’s spot in the fashion space. 



Isabel Alexander’s snapshot of a New/NEXT Fashion Showcase model in the Amanda Casarez collection. Isabel Alexander praises Casarez’s collection for its vibrancy and cohesiveness. 

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