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DCFI PUBLIC mission is simple. We are here to assist, promote and support the fashion industry in the Washington DC metro area. As well as encouraging the local designers to grow and maintain their businesses in the district.  DCFI PUBLIC Programs seeks to foster business opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs, by helping them establish a strong brand identity and effective business mentoring, while working smarter.  Whether it’s launching your own website, starting an e-commerce business, creating a fashion line or climbing the ladder on your current fashion career track. DCFI PUBLIC is offering them a platform to earn a sustainable living and create job opportunities for other professionals, within the community.

#MadeInTheDistrict-Fashion: is a fashion designer program. Participants will receive back-end support for production, finishing, construction, design, fit, fabric selection, marketing and branding, custom clothing, developing a collection, create cost sheets, merchandising, wholesaling pricing, and production/product management.

Also designers are will receive access to show their collections with the DC Fashion Incubator @ Macy’s Metro Center, during selected events and fashion presentations.

#MadeInTheDistrcit-Business: is a fashion business/company program. Participants will receive seminars and workshops in, business assessment, financial management, accounting, pricing marketing, merchandising, branding, social media marketing, start-up capital investment & financing, business planning, registering a business, trademarking and strategic planning.

The #MITD Entrepreneur Incubator: is a fashion and business program. Combining #MadeInTheDistrict’s fashion program & business program. Including opportunities for new local creative entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, assistance in helping emerging creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses, assistance in helping small and start-up companies identify financial resources to grow your business and support in developing your company’s infrastructure.

DCFI PUBLIC Programs currently offer: #MadeInTheDistrict-Fashion, #MadeInTheDistrict-Business and #MITD Entrepreneur Incubator (Note: candidates from the #MITD Entrepreneur Incubator Program, are eligible for the Designers in Residence Program @Macy’s Metro Center.)

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