Fashionably Business

The goal of the DC Entrepreneur Incubator is support the local emerging fashion industry by identifying and providing business training, technical assistance, mentoring, job preparation and support to help creative entrepreneurs to develop or further enhance their business skill set. The Entrepreneur Incubator seeks to foster lucrative business opportunities to help creative entrepreneurs to build and sustain strong brands that will empower each one to earn a viable living and to create job opportunities for others within the community.

The Entrepreneur Incubator is one of several incubator projects administered and operated by the DC Fashion Foundation, under the direct management of the DC Fashion Incubator. Within this incubator, there are several key programs that seek to provide the tools and/or business opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses including:

  • Fashionably Business
  • Bridge to Retail Program
  • Creative Job Fair
  • Creative Pop-up Shop
  • Shop Creative DC


Program Overview

Fashionably Business web logoThe Fashionably Business Program will:

  • Provide technical and business classes covering a range of subjects including, but not limited to, writing business plans, marketing, branding, e-commerce, visual merchandising, social media management, sewing, garment construction, and textiles.
  • Provide one-on-one technical assistance sessions to local entrepreneurs.
  • Develop and foster relationships with the local minority business communities.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to help support and bring attention to the local emerging creative arts industry.


The Bridge to Retail Program will:

  • Develop opportunities for local creative entrepreneurs to build relationships with local retailers.
  • Create a program model for local creative entrepreneurs to create capsule collections for local retailers.


The Creatives Job Fair will:

  • Organize and execute a biannual job fair to connect local creatives with local businesses who are hiring.
  • Conduct job preparation seminars/workshops (e.g., resume review, interview skills assessment, etc.) during the job fairs.
  • Allow new and emerging local businesses to market their products/services.


The Creative Pop-up Shop will:

  • Provide creative entrepreneurs with an opportunity on a quarterly basis to sell their products to the local consumer.
  • Seek to bring attention to local vacant retail spaces by housing the pop-up shops in those spaces.
  • Stimulate the local creative economy.
  • Expose new and emerging brands to new customers and business connections.


Shop-Creative-DCShop Creative DC ( currently:

  • Provide an easy to use online marketplace for local creative entrepreneurs to foster B-to-C and B-to-B connections.
  • Provide news updates and event information about/for the creative economy.
  • Allow new and emerging local businesses to market their products/services in a business spotlight.


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