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Youth Academy Incubator

Camp Runway June-August 
Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th and G Street NE
Funding $25,000-$50,000
(Started 2008)

  • A summer work training program that exposes youth to the technical skills, work environment, and professional opportunities in the fashion industry. This program serves youth ages 14-21 who are currently participating in the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (DOES) Passport to Work program. DC Camp Runway trained over 500 kids in sewing and fashion design over the past five years. We were voted one of the most success fashion career camps by DOES and the Department of Parks and Recreation. This program was covered by Channel 16 and Washington post.
  • Sponsors: Bank of America, DC Department of Parks and Recreation and DC Department of Employment Services. Seeking funding through any youth development funding entity please contact info@gwfcc.org if interested in fashion camp.


Fashion After School Program- Sew N’ Know
Southeast Tennis Learning Center SE & Walker Jones Education Campus NW
Funding $40,000
(Started 2008)

  • Fashion after school is not just about playing dress up! These children learn how to sketch and design, construct a garment, model, and accessorize their creations. The program fosters creativity and entrepreneurship in students of all ages interested in fashion. At the end of the program we have a fashion show where students can’t wait to showcase their hard work – the show is always cute and entertaining. Fashion after school is meant to help develop the talent in all our little fashionistas!
  • Sponsors: New Communities/ Deputy Mayor of Planning & Economic Development and Planning (DMPED) grant


Project Fundway
August 2012
Funding $20,000
(Started 2009)

  • A scholarship program that was established in 2009 to assist young men and women for outstanding academic achievement and commitment to the practice of Fashion Design. Scholarships are available for young adults who plan to pursue academic and career goals within the fashion industry. In the past two years, DCFF has awarded over $10,000 in scholarships. As a Presenting contributor, will have title rights to the event. The event would be named” Project Fundway Scholarship presented by “Title Sponsor”. Your name/logo will be visible on our website, invitations, newsletters, blogs and any promotional marketing materials. You will have sponsor rights to speak and give more company background at the event, and you will have a photo opportunity with a special guest, host, and scholarship winners.
  • Sponsors: 2010 Scholarship Contributors: Fed Ex $3,000, Bruno Mazali0 $1,000, Downtown Silver Spring Merchant Group $500, Stacie Turner (Housewives of DC), Maurisa Potts Turner, L-Shandi. Seeking 2012 Scholarship Contributors.


Entrepreneur Incubator

Networking Events 4 Quarterly Events
Funding $2,000/quarter
(Started 2012)

  • Creative Mix, Business Mentor Mixer, Press Mixer, Buyer Mixer, Retail Pop-up Mixer
  • Seeking: a Retail Consultant/Developer for vacant warehouse space and/or any entity interested in networking with creative small businesses and sponsoring a networking event contact info@gwfcc.org.
  • Sponsors: Bank of America, Uptown Magazine, Department of Housing and Community Development, Mie N Yu in Georgetown, Events DC, Tari Boutique, M29 Lifestyle Four Season, L2 Lounge, Bar 7, X Rated Fusion Liqueur.

Fashionably Business Training Classes
Funding $50,000
(Started 2010)

  • This program was created to support the Washington, DC fashion community through educational programs, workforce training initiatives, and networking and mentoring opportunities for aspiring fashion professionals and entrepreneurs. It works closely with GWFCC to increase the business skills and workforce preparedness of fashion entrepreneurs. It also strives to improve the quality and availability of fashion design education opportunities for youth and adults in the Washington, DC area. Sponsors will have the opportunity to contribute towards educational and professional development through this program while gaining exposure for its product and services within the community.
  • Sponsors: DiModa Group. Deputy Mayor Planning and Economic Development NIF Grant Program. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a class or the Fashionably Business Program series.

Shop Creative DC ongoing
On-Line Retail Guide
Funding $100,000
(Started 2012)

  • This shopping guide captures all the fashion businesses in DC to be connected to GWFCC, DCFF, and DCFI websites in order to connect to all tourism organizations. We have partnerships with the shopping and tourism community of over $1 million people which increases our reach even more. This will promote tourism and consumer small business relationship building in every neighborhood in the greater Washington area. According to a CNN report Washington, DC is the number one shopping area where people spend the most money. Sponsors will have direct access to all businesses researched and listed in the directory/guide.
  • Sponsors: DC Housing & Community Development- $50,000. Need support for printing the publication and additional technology support and research assistant. Seeking $50,000 for the first creative economy retail and resource guide for Washington, DC.


Foundation Outreach

Funding $5,000
(Started 2009)

  • Located in Lima Peru, we attend this trade mission every year as a delegate. This is the main event of the Peruvian fashion industry that features more than 400 exhibitors of textiles, apparel, jewelry, and footwear. Every year over 14,000 visitors from 47 countries attend. This event supports the establishment of relationships between international buyers and Peruvian export companies, which ultimately facilitates economic development in Peru and the US. Peru’s fashion trade mission supports the ability to connect designers to manufacturers and/or other trade missions. The US has free trade act with other countries to bring exports which, in turn, bring jobs to USA/DC contact info@gwfcc.org.
  • Sponsors: Peru Embassy and Peruvian Government. Seeking sponsorship from Export/Import Banks or World Bank, State Department or any entity interested in textile manufacturing and international trade contact info@gwfcc.org.

State of Style Advocacy Day May
Funding $5,000
(Started 2010)

  • This is promoted to advocate the issues and challenges of business owners in Washington, DC. This is a unique opportunity for fashion professionals and businesses to meet face-to-face with their representatives to raise awareness on issues affecting their community. We get national presence through this program. We developed the Congressional Apparel Manufacturing and Fashion Business Caucus, formed in Congress March 2010. We have deep relationships with prime decision makers in many areas including the Senate and The House. We have a great deal of support when we have fashion and trade forums on Capitol Hill.
  • Sponsors: Amanda Polk- $4,000 in 2010, Fashion Delegate in-kind advocacy/lobbying efforts for GWFCC. If you want to sponsor Advocacy Day or fashion business roundtable on Capitol Hill contact info@gwfcc.org.

DCFF Holiday Party December
Funding $10,000
(Started 2008)

  • Our annual holiday party brings everyone together to celebrate accomplishments and strengthen networking connections. You will gain access to individual and retail members, potential members, contacts in the DC Government and Federal Government, as well as any other guests attending. At least 50-100 guests attend for which sponsors will have sponsorship presence. Sponsors will also gain presence through our social media outlets, which reaches over 20,000 people.
  • Sponsors: Aja Inc., Barcode Restaurant and Lounge


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